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4 Labour Agreements Labour agreements are the basic rules that set up groups to lead their work and influence the behaviour of members, To work productively and effectively to participate in time Participation in The Management of Privacy Resolution Technology These are some areas that teams generally set standards around technology – the use of computers/mobile phones The ScrumMaster is the custodian of labor agreements, but the whole team has the responsibility to ask if someone breaks the agreement. As the work agreements have been agreed by the team, the perception of personal attacks and confrontations is eliminated. In the spirit of transparency and continuous improvement, team members should review employment contracts from time to time and ask, “Should they be updated?” 3 Standards “When all is said and done, a group`s standards will help determine whether it works as a high-performing team or whether it simply becomes a casual collection of people working together.” -Goleman Turn and talk to a shoulder partner about this quote 2 Work Agreements/StandardsDate at your tables: What experiences have you had in the past with work/standard agreements? These agreements are drawn up by teams and scrumMaster facilitates the meeting, and they are created/verified preferably during the Sprint 0 of each publication. Working agreements, also known as team standards, are guidelines developed by teams on how they should work together to create a positive productive process. Work agreements describe positive behaviours that are fundamental but often not automatically demonstrated in team processes. An agreement could be, for example: “We all agree to participate fully.” Agreements are the group`s instrument of power. The elements of the labour agreement should be made public throughout the team process. 11 Sharing All teams share their work agreements 12 work agreements teamHow do you know that these work agreements are effective for your team? If they are not respected, what are some of the factors that could be the cause? Discuss at your tables Think of a larger group Give them ideas for options to face challenges If an email is not created automatically for you, please copy the information below and add it in an email: Learning Coach Meeting May 17, Today Agenda – Sustaining the Learning Coach Program The Premium Pro 50GB plan gives you the ability to download a copy of your file to your local computer.