Sears Repair Protection Agreement Lawn Tractor

WW, a former Sears employee, writes: The next time you`re at Sears or another store to buy appliances or electronics, make sure you hear: “This product is also licensed for our 3-year maintenance contract program, which covers repairs and wear-related damage and includes an annual preventative maintenance check that will save you repair costs and ensure safety. …” I own five large appliances purchased from Sears: washing machine, dryer, assortment and dishwasher purchased in 2006, and a refrigerator purchased in 2010. I have held master service agreements on all of them since the purchase date, and I have absolutely no regrets. They come to my house every spring to write a maintenance check and do some work, like. B cleaning the stuffed goods in the dryer of places I don`t get, checking the thermostat on the oven, checking temperature controls in the refrigerator, cleaning the thing in the bottom of the dishwasher. You know, maintenance equipment. The types of things that allow your devices to last 10, 15 or 20 years. In addition, I will call Sears as soon as there is a problem with one of my devices. And I mean everything. I am not waiting for them to collapse.

They all have electronic parts (what is not?) and electronic parts often give. I called Sears because a strange light flashed on the glass or a beep on the dryer. I called because the soap was no longer closed in the dishwasher, or took a piece of plastic from a drawer in the fridge. I called because I wasn`t sure the oven was as hot as it should be. I called because the silver basket in the dishwasher had a hole in it. I`m not joking. I`m calling for a reason I can imagine. Now they don`t always come as fast as I would like, but they always come, and for all these years I`ve never paid a DIME for a service call, a repair or a part.

My master services paid ten times. The fact that something will go wrong with large devices over the years is given by yourself, and service calls are expensive.