Addendum Software License Agreement

Digirad labels its Interfile headers with the original key system set on Digirad instead of Mirage. This will tell Segami`s software that it is a Digirad file and that Segami Software should allow the importation of studies marked by rotations other than 180 degrees or 360 degrees. Quantitative prices apply to any copy of the basic software, which is authorized by each end-user, with or without SPECT functionality, regardless of the type of product with which it is pooled, and also applies to software used by an end user in an independent cardiology workstation. The volume prices of the software depend exclusively on the number of copies distributed of the basic software and are cumulative for each contractual year defined from January 1 to December 31. The first year of the contract begins on January 1, 2005. The software, on the one hand, or the basic software or interface development, on the other hand, must be tested with the v5.310 version of Segamis, copies of which are managed by Digirad and Segami; and Digirad`s SPECT iterative reconstruction software must be tested with Segami v5.308b software, copies of which must also be kept by Digirad and Segami. If the malfunction does not occur during such a test, the malfunction is probably caused by the basic software and/or the development of interfaces. IN the text, Segami and Digirad are parties to this software license agreement of 16 June 1999, as amended on 15 November 2001 (modified, replaced or replaced, according to the agreement that Segami Digirad authorized a license for Digirad and supported certain software for the use and distribution of Digirad products; and 2. Notwithstanding the contrary contract, regardless of the current contract, digirad and not Segami, he is responsible for the development and use of the necessary software (a) for the acquisition of the images (as of April 1, 2005); and b) to carry out the iterative reconstruction of SPECT (from the effective date). The definitions of basic software and interface development in section 1 of the agreement are modified to exclude any functional reference to the taking of images or the iterative reconstruction of SPECT.

Therefore, with the exception of bug fixes (i.e. malfunction fixes in the original Segamis software), with the exception of fixes (i.e. malfunction fixes in the original Segamis software), Segami will not support the initial capture software it designed for Digirad; b) Digirad assumes full responsibility for the iterative acquisition and reconstruction of SPECT; and c) neither the basic software nor the development of interfaces in the revised version should support or relate to previous versions.