Yacht Charter Agreement

Please educate yourself and stay diligent by updating information on local closures, border closures, local customs, ferry schedules and regulations for all areas you wish to visit throughout your charter. 14. REDELIVERY: CHARTERER undertakes to re-deliver the yacht, its equipment and equipment, free and free of any debt incurred for/by the CHARTERER after the expiry of the charter. CHARTERER also undertakes to use, replace and replace or replace damage caused by it or one of its members to the yacht, equipment and equipment, unless these claims are covered by insurance, as noted above. This means that CHARTERER is responsible for all costs up to a deductible. If the CHARTERER were to interfere with the yacht`s re-delivery to the location and the scheduled time for any reason, it would pay the DEmurrage OWNER in proportion to the additional charter time, plus all other losses incurred by the EIGNer in connection with the subsequent late delivery. If the delay in the new delivery is due to a case of force majeure, THE CHARTERER is not responsible for the additional charter costs. 8. NO-ASSIGNMENT: CHARTERER undertakes not to award this contract or to charter the yacht without the written consent of the owner. The owner is not liable for the loss or deterioration of personal property or damage to the CHARTERER or a member of its party during the duration of this Charter, whether such a loss or violation occurs on board the yacht or elsewhere, unless that loss, damage or damage is the direct and immediate result of the negligence of the EIGNer. Specifically, but without limitation of the above, the owner and his insurers do not assume any liability in the event of an accident, injury or death related to boating, swimming and/or the use of diving, masks or related equipment (such as diving equipment), water skiing, windsurfing, personal boats, spinnaker flies, Halyard flies or other sports equipment, whether provided by the owner or CHARTER. In addition to those mentioned above, the charterer is required to cover all additional fuel costs, food (dinner) and beverages for the charter party, personal linen, communications costs and all mooring costs outside the usual cruise area.

National and/or local taxes can also be generated. 1.2 The down payment is made as a down payment to secure the vessel for the charter period and will be paid to the owner upon signing of this agreement. If the advance is paid by the charterer, the owner agrees not to enter into any other charter agreement for the vessel for the same period. The balance will be paid to the owner no later than the date shown here on that date. The deposit and/or payment of fuel and accident are paid to the owner before the start of the charter period. If NYCSS finds at its sole discretion that the charterer and/or the main crew is less competent than anything, NYCSS may ask the charterer at the charterer`s expense, at the charterer`s expense, to pay an instructor/captain who assists the charterer in achieving the competency. If the charterer decides not to hire a skipper/training captain or if the training master is not available, NYCSS may restrict the charterer`s use of the yacht by requiring the yacht to remain docked until a qualified captain/captain is available. CHARTER DATES: From (time/date)Port of boarding:To (Time / Date) Port of Release:Cruising Area:Number of Charter Guests:Number of Days: (Prices are based on charter passengers) Although less frequent than those mentioned above, SEMT are sometimes still used and offer the same principles as CTI, but where CTI covers three meals daily, SEMT is only breakfast and lunch based on that guests are likely to eat.